Resembling prehistoric times, the modern day reptile is quite a creature to observe. We know that the proper habitat, equipment, and nutrition are key in providing the best home for your reptile or amphibian; and with so many species available, it is important to consider the right pet for your home - let us help! Visit our brick-and-mortar store and our online shop to find the perfect new family member!


When you make a commitment to owning a reptile, you also make a commitment to provide the best care possible. The best care begins with the proper housing and nutrition. Our goal is to offer the right supplies at an affordable price to make keeping your reptile or amphibian an easy and rewarding experience. We offer cages, tanks, bedding, substrate, lighting, food, heat sources, accessories and more!


Finding the right food can often be a challenging part of keeping reptiles, but not with Creation Pet! We supply live feeders including crickets, roaches, mealworms, springtails, fruit flies, and more all pesticide free! Visit our store today to check out our reptile and amphibian banquet!