Who’s Raegan?

You may have seen any one of our energetic dogs bounding around the store, but Raegan is a rare gem. Fortunately, Raegan was not abused like so many horror stories you hear. She was adopted at six weeks from an accidental litter between a Black Labrador Retriever and an unknown dad. Looking at her, the spiky fur along her back indicates some sort of Ridgeback influence. Ridgebacks were bred to hunt lions, and she is definitely courageous. After treating a case of puppy pyoderma and an eye infection, she has grown up to be a beautiful and resilient companion. We describe her as loyal and fierce, but with a heart of gold. And smart - she is also lovingly known as our little raptor. So after having the privilege of caring for this precious life for over two years now, we really have grown to appreciate how genuine adopted pets can be. Odds are if you look at her, you'll find her looking at us - watching to make sure we are safe. In the spirit of safety, we thought it'd be appropriate to name our rescue department after our own fearless protector, Raegan.

Why Adoption?

Many stores opt for selling dogs - and while we think there is definitely a place for intentional breeding to pass down good bloodlines and to reduce disease within a breed, we wanted to spend our time and efforts helping the countless volunteers and rescue organizations find homes for animals in need. We chose to host adoption events to help give back to the community and help guide new pet owners through a successful adoption transition. We know the happiness that pets bring from our own experience, and enjoy watching a helpless, homeless animal become a valued, loyal member of someone's family!

How to Adopt?

If you're looking to find a new family member, check our calendar of events to find out when the next Adoption Day will be held. You may also click on any of the links below to go directly to our rescue partners. We hope you enjoy your journey of rescuing a pet in need!

Want A FREE Bag of Food?

Hi-Tek Pet Rations, a pet food company manufactured here in Georgia, offers a FREE bag of food on Adoption Day plus a whole book of coupons to show appreciation for adopting a homeless pet. Even if you did not adopt in the store, just bring in your adoption paperwork and we'll help you find the right bag of free food to help meet your pet's needs.


Levi: Above & Beyond Setter Rescue

Levi is a love and has come a very long way since his rescue and initial death sentence. He now acts like a healthy setter - stubborn, curious, interacting with his foster sisters, etc. Levi has recovered from intestinal parasites, heartworms and pneumonia. He is now at a healthy weight and is get- ting exercise and loves his walks. As a result of the pneu- monia and heartworms he has suffered some permanent very minor lung damage which will continue to re- solve over time. This simply means that he will never be a jogging partner and will wheeze and cough now and then.

He will be able to be a loving companion and walking partner. Levi is playful at times, and loves his toys and attention from people. He firmly believes he is quite the ladies' man. He wants no part of any male competition, so a home without any male dogs is required. Levi is potty and crate trained. He hates to go out when it is raining or when the yard is wet! Levi does have fear of storms and very loud noises and likes having a “safe” cubby such as a crate to hide out, in such instances. He knows his name and knows “sit”.

Levi is about 5 years old and just a sweet and loving boy with a bit of fun and mischief mixed in. He is not overly birdy and loves being inside with his people, but also loves being outside on a sunny day with his fur sisters. He has become better about getting baths and rides well in the car.
After facing death several times, this boy deserves the best of loving forever homes! Levi has had a lot of angels watching over him, perhaps you will be- come his forever angel.

Levi is available through Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
www.esrescue.org (GA rep: 770-238-2630)

Vet references will be checked & a home visit conducted as an adoption pre-requisite.