Come visit our 5,000 sq ft retail store located just a few miles north of Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia. We specialize in aquatics, dog/cat supplies, and reptiles (coming soon!). Displaying over 3,000 gallons of water, we proudly offer a diverse variety of freshwater and saltwater fish along with live plants, corals, and invertebrates. In our store, we currently have two main centerpiece 400 gallon showcase aquariums: a colorful African Cichlid setup and a very diverse reef tank; we also have numerous nano and smaller tanks continually changing to represent the latest trends in the hobby. Don't be surprised if you spot an aquarium full of seahorses - these are some of our favorite fish to feature! Along with livestock, we also strive to carry everything one might need for aquariums of all sizes, from a simple betta bowl to a high-tech lagoon. We are continually checking for new innovative products that will help you to stay on the cutting edge of a very dynamic pet department. In the spring, summer, & fall come to our store for all of your pond necessities including high quality koi, comets, plants, supplements, and equipment. No matter your aquatic needs, we have a service department to assist!
Part of the fun in keeping aquariums is picking out the lighting, filtration, equipment, food, additives, and substrate to create the best environment possible. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of products in our store with the information needed that will enable you to make the best decision for your aquarium. Each tank is its own ecosystem, and therefore aquariums are not a "one size fits all" hobby. We give you the options and information necessary to make an informed decision. In an effort to help guide you from a practical standpoint, our team members undergo continual training. We carry a blend of the newest most innovative products on the market as well as time-tested favorites proven to provide reliable results. Our selection in our store is always growing to meet the ever changing needs and advances within the hobby. In fact, many of the newest products are often displayed in the store during the introductory stages so you can come check out how a product actually works before purchase. Furthermore, we often host seminars led by the manufacturers themselves which proves extremely informative in lines such as water chemistry and nutrition. Along with supplying chemical, nutrition, and filtration products, we also showcase a large variety of aquariums and stands in our retail store. We have everything from a small betta bowl up to 220 gallon tanks on the floor in various styles including standard, frameless, rimless, all-inclusive, drilled, and show. Not sure what you want? Just come in the store and look around - we would be glad to help with ideas and visualizing your perfect masterpiece. Looking for something really special? Let us help you design your dream custom aquarium where the size limit is simply your floor space and imagination. Come see firsthand the product you are about to buy in the store, and ask any of our trained Creation Team members for advice and tips on how to make your aquarium the best it has ever been!
Following a recent expansion, we now also offer a hand-selected variety of dog and cat supplies in our store including premium, affordable nutrition options. Made in the USA, all of our pet food has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a customer loyalty program for frequent buyers. Our service department also offers FREE pet food delivery for those within a 20 mile radius who join our Pet Food Delivery Program (Click here to learn more.) Throughout the store, you'll find aisles of toys, leashes/collars, treats, beds, and much more! Have a product you already love? We are always open to special orders. On Saturdays, we dedicate the front and outdoor areas of the store to host pet adoptions! We love providing various rescue groups and humane societies an opportunity to help homeless pets find good, permanent homes. Dogs and cats are treated like family in our homes, and we would love for you to shop with us: where pets are personal!