Here at Creation Pet, we truly want to provide the best variety and quality of supplies available. We are continually researching new lines and updating the classics so we can offer a variety of options to meet your pet's needs. We take our role in contributing to your pet's well-being seriously, and strive to select premium toys, treats, training gear, and travel accessories that both you and your pet will love!


Loving. Loyal. Adorable. Mischievous. Intelligent. Protecting. Adventurous. These are just some of the reasons we love pets - and we love helping someone else experience the joy of having an animal be a part of their family. Several weekends throughout the year, we aid various rescue groups and humane societies in their efforts to find forever homes for rescued dogs and cats. Named after our own Lab-Ridgeback mix, Raegan's Rescue is one of our favorite aspects of the business.


Wish there was an easy way to buy your pet food while still supporting your local shop? Try our new Creation Services Pet Food Delivery Program. We have free samples available of all the food we carry, and can help estimate how much food your pet will eat between regular delivery intervals. PLUS, delivery is FREE within service radius of the store and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Sign up today!