Dive In: Coral

At first glance, coral may not seem to be as active as the other members in a reef. However, these living animals are anything but boring. Just look at their amazing color! Many corals have special algae living inside their tissues to help protect them from the sun's vibrant rays as well as harness the energy it produces through photosynthesis. Other corals feed by extending polyps specially designed for catching plankton carried throughout the reef by varying currents. Many corals thrive by utilizing both methods. Continual research and study of the world's reefs is constantly providing us with a greater understanding and appreciation of just how intricate and important corals are to the marine ecosystem. We are proud to support many companies who strive to use the knowledge gained from this research to help sustain and support the natural reef environment.

Want to Grow Coral in Your Aquarium?

Whether you already have a reef tank or are thinking of setting up one in the future, there is a good chance you have wondered what it would be like to have corals growing in your living room?! (Or office, or kitchen, or just about anywhere) With today's advances in technology, you can keep coral in less than a gallon of saltwater, but most beginners typically start with around a thirty gallon tank or more. Lighting and flow are two of the most important components in maintaining a flourishing coral reef, and we have plenty of team members ready to help guide you in finding the optimum equipment for your reef tank. Come see us today to learn more about coral care, and how you can begin to grow your very own coral reef!