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With fish collected from all over the world, the options for saltwater aquarium inhabitants seem endless. Whether you are looking for a rare nano goby, designer clownfish, exquisite angelfish, exotic predator, specialty coral, or just a few damsels to put in your tank we either carry it or will be happy to look for it. We can also help design the perfect aquarium you've always dreamed of having in your living room or office. Dive in...


African Cichlids, Tank-Raised Discus, colorful Tetras, and live plants are just a small sampling of the variety we offer! With carefully selected vendors, our goal is to provide a wider variety and higher quality than you may normally see. With care level and selection for all stages of hobbyists, we want to be your "go to" store for freshwater fish! Don't settle for ordinary freshwater aquatics; think in color with us at Creation Pet. Dive in...

Aquarium Service

Let us take the work out of owning an aquarium and maintain your dream tank!