Where it Began


This is where it all began. With over 3,000 gallons of live fish, plants, and corals we strive to provide the highest quality selection for both beginners and advanced hobbyists alike. We specialize in both freshwater and saltwater fish, and can help you design, build, and maintain your dream aquarium. Whether you are looking for a small home aquarium or an office centerpiece, we can help.

Tropical fish Lion fish and corals. Beautiful background of the underwater world

Dive Into Saltwater Aquatics

With fish collected from all over the world, the options for saltwater aquarium inhabitants seem endless. Whether you are looking for a rare nano goby, designer clownfish, exquisite angelfish, exotic predator, specialty coral, or just a few damsels to put in your tank we either carry it or will be happy to look for it. We can also help design the perfect aquarium you've always dreamed of having in your living room or office. Dive in...

Dive Into Freshwater Aquatics

African Cichlids, Tank-Raised Discus, colorful Tetras, and live plants are just a small sampling of the variety we offer! With carefully selected vendors, our goal is to provide a wider variety and higher quality than you may normally see. With care level and selection for all stages of hobbyists, we want to be your "go to" store for freshwater fish! Don't settle for ordinary freshwater aquatics; think in color with us at Creation Pet. Dive in...

Symphysodon discus in an aquarium on a green background

Specialized Aquatic Services


Custom Design Services

Perhaps one of the most important steps in creating a successful aquarium is proper design and installation. You may have a picture in your head of what you would like, but are not quite sure how to build it. Let us help. We have designed a number of aquariums ranging from small freshwater tanks for kids to elaborate large-scale reefs plumbed into the basement; whether your vision is one of these or somewhere in between, we can design and install your dream tank. Maybe, you do not know what you want yet...we would love to sit down and help you create a masterpiece.


Installation Services

Since many of us have aquariums in our own homes, we understand the importance of protecting expensive flooring and considering the intricacies of electrical work. We take the extra steps necessary to do it right from the beginning, and offer installation of equipment that can even alert your phone should problems arise. We specialize in both commercial and residential installation and do our best to work within requested time frames. We deliver and install aquariums and life support along with acclimating and placing livestock. Our goal is to install your dream aquarium system in the most practical, efficient, and reliable way possible.


Maintenance Services

Let our professional well-trained technicians take the wheel! Looking to enjoy the beauty of an aquatic display without the hassle? Our combined teams of field technicians, showroom salespeople, and offsite/livestock support facility members are dedicated to your success. We partner with you at any service level you require: All-Inclusive Packages, Custom Service Packages (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly), Creative Aquascaping, Life Support/System Upgrades, and Vacation Feedings.

Creation Pet

Your one-source stop for freshwater and saltwater live fish, plants, coral, and supplies; cat and dog food, toys, and supplies; and reptile food and supplies.

Come visit our 5,000 sq ft retail store located just a few miles north of Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia.

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