Meet Our Family

Our story begins long before the store was ever established. It begins with childhood dreams of Orca Whales, Peachfaced Lovebirds, and Golden Retrievers. It begins with a love for all living creatures. It begins with learning about creation. Matthew's parents, Mark and Ann knew since he was a young boy of his dreams of owning a pet store. It was no secret to them that Matthew would do everything possible to have his own shop, however it was their love, investment, & sacrifice that made the dream a reality. As a family business, we hold close the values that are imperative to a successful working relationship: faith, trust, and a sense of humor. Meet a few members of our family....


Mark is a visionary; it is clear where Matthew learned how to dream big - from his father. Mark's years of business experience drive the store to be better than an average pet shop. Lessons of hard work, goal setting, and achievement standards were taught to Matthew early in his life, and have been critical in the store's success today. Mark spends his days optimizing processes and leading the Creation Services Department. Mark enjoys flying his plane, hitting a few golf balls, and playing with his grandsons when time allows.


Matthew's passion for animals came from both parents, but especially Ann. She was always encouraging him to research and learn about the animals for which he cared so much. She instilled in him a love for creation. Ann has a love of horses, birds, and dogs herself; when she's not taking care of the back-end paperwork at the store, spending time with Blackjack, her Tennessee Walking Horse is among her favorite activities. She loves spending time with her grandsons, and is currently teaching the oldest to ride.


Come visit our 5,000 sq ft retail store located just a few miles north of Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia.

"Here at Creation Pet, our goal is to offer the best service, widest selection, and healthiest livestock in the greater Atlanta area. Our early success is largely contributed to the support of the local community and aquatic clubs. Since our first day back in 2008, we have strived to exceed our customer's expectations and have been dedicated to continual growth and improvement. Each day that passes has provided us with the insight and inspiration needed to build the best customer experience in both our retail and maintenance departments. We recently renovated in 2013 to allow for expansion from a fully aquatic store to include pet nutrition and supplies; we also frequently work with local rescue groups and humane societies to host adoptions for homeless pets. Our goal has and always will be to welcome you to a place where Pets are Personal." - The Chase Family
Creation Pet

Your one-source stop for freshwater and saltwater live fish, plants, coral, and supplies; cat and dog food, toys, and supplies; and reptile food and supplies.

Come visit our 5,000 sq ft retail store located just a few miles north of Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia.

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