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African Cichlids
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African Cichlids! Who loves them? We do! Why? They are beautiful, hardy, and active! It's hard to say that freshwater tanks are boring when your fish look like this! Read More

New Corals 9-24-15
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New Corals 9-24-15 We love getting new shipments and think you will really like the addition of New Corals 9-24-15 ! Check them out below, pick your favorite, and then purchase them now via our new online shop: New Corals … Read More

Shop Now Online
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Shop Now Online We are excited to announce that you can shop now online! Be the first to see available new products, fish, and coral! You can browse at your convenience, find the perfect choice, and pick-up in store later! … Read More

New Shipments July 30, 2015
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New Shipments July 30, 2015 Corals, saltwater fish, invertebrates, and freshwater fish are among the arrivals from earlier this week. Take a look at these from our new shipments July 30, 2015. New Shipments July 30, 2015Freshwater: Gold Mystery SnailsSaltwater: … Read... Read More

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